Tom Martin - Music
Tom Martin with Guitar

To define Tom Martin's music is difficult, because the music, like Tom himself, does not fit into any predefined categories.  Tom's songwriting and musical arrangements have been compared to Paul Simon, John Prine, Bob Dylan, and Ry Cooder, and he counts all of these luminaries among his musical influences, along with the Rolling Stones, Bert Jansch, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Doc Watson, and the traditional music of his native Ireland.   But the songs, the style and the delivery are very much his own.  

One reviewer described a Tom Martin concert as "roots and rock drawn from several years of crafting.  Folk, Country and Irish melancholia, with Morrison and Dylan influences...the lyrics shift between both romantic and socially barbed plateaux.  Fine guitar picking, strong voice, heartfelt songs and no fuss."

In Tom's own words:  "I draw from the traditional canon as well as from roots and rock'n'roll, using them like colours to paint pictures of life experiences and my own internal landscapes."

Tom has many CD's and recordings to his credit.  His latest CD, "Celtic Soul" released in 2011, features several traditional Irish songs and tunes.